A police dog helped officers from the Met Police catch a man with a knife in Croydon on Tuesday (July 8).

The Met's Taskforce said they had been out on patrol with officers from the organization's Territorial Support Group (TSG) in Croydon.

While there, a man attempted to flee from police, a spokesperson from the Taskforce said, and attempted to discard a knife that he was carrying in the process.

A chase ensued, with Police Dog (PD) Rose helping officers track down and catch the knifeman, who was reportedly arrested.

On Twitter, a spokesperson for the Met Taskforce described what happened in a short statement posted to Twitter.

"PD Rose was busy again today getting another knife off the street after a male ran off from TSG and discarded something in @MPSCroydon. Knife found by Rose on the route and one arrested!" They said.

The Met Police currently has over 300 dogs used to support officers in a number of activities including finding people who try and evade police for whatever reason.

According to further details on the Met's website, the majority of those are German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois.

The dogs are used to "locate suspects and property, giving support to borough colleagues at public order incidents; firearms, drugs and cash recovery, being included in pro-active crime initiatives.

"They can also search for explosives and human remains," the Met describe.