A Sutton restaurant has been labelled a 'covid disaster' after footage emerged of crowded scenes on Saturday (July 4).

Spaghetti Tree on Station Parade has caused controversy after releasing footage online of customers partying with 'no social distancing' in place.

The Italian restaurant has been questioned over its layout after they released footage, which appeared to show tables placed closely together, with party-goers sat next to each other.

Spaghetti Tree Sutton responded online and said they worked closely with the police and Sutton Council to ensure that guidelines were met.

They have since deleted the video from their Facebook page.

Sutton Council says they were informed by Spaghetti Tree that there would be a private gathering of two households.

However, residents have said they saw people queuing outside of the restaurant on Saturday night.

One person commented online: "Very disturbing, what on earth did they think they were doing packing all those people into a small restaurant.

"Social distancing down to 10 inches, if that.

"Loads of people, shouting, singing, all with food on the table.

"A Covid disaster waiting to happen."

Your Local Guardian: Spaghetti Tree Sutton on July 4 Spaghetti Tree Sutton on July 4

Another person said: "Thanks to places like this everything will be closed down again and we will be back to square one.

"How could they even allow this many people in knowing they can’t distance?"

One person defended the restaurant and said: "All bars and restaurants are going through a huge learning curve by opening up in the new normal.

"If you spot something you think could be done better, why not have a private word with the owner?"

Your Local Guardian: Spaghetti Tree SuttonSpaghetti Tree Sutton

Spaghetti Tree Sutton (independently owned ) were contacted for comment, but said they could not provide further details as they had to "prioritise team training" on their risk assessment.

They also said they are "looking into the grey areas of the guidelines" and bettering their safety measures.

Sutton Councillor Jayne McCoy released a statement online which said: "There have been recent reports regarding a restaurant breaching social distancing advice.

"In this instance, I can confirm the Council provided advice relating to their re-opening and reminded them of the government guidelines with regards to social distancing.

“We are speaking to the business owner to understand what happened.

"They will take any appropriate action in response."