Police assisted a distressed female screaming on Sutton High Street last night.

Officers were called to concerns for a person at around 10.30 pm on June 1.

The lady who was suffering from a mental illness episode climbed onto a balcony of a third-floor building.

Due to a quick response and positive engagement, police were able to persuade the woman out of harm's way.

Emergency services attended the scene to ensure the woman was ok.

A spokesperson for Sutton Police said: "Overnight in Sutton High Street, officers were called to the scene.

"Police engaged were first to the scene and approached the women.

"Police with our excellent colleagues at the ambulance service ensured the lady was assisted and prevented from making a potentially fatal decision.

"She is now receiving assistance from a dedicated team to ensure she makes a positive recovery and gets the help she needs.

"Well done to the officers involved in this incident making dynamic risk assessment and taking risks with their safety to ensure this lady is given the support she needs."