Elliot Colburn has expressed concerns about issues at Beddington Farmlands.

Beddington Farmlands is an area adjacent to the Beddington Incinerator, known for many years as a birdwatching site.

It is being developed as a nature reserve by the operators, Viridor, as part of their responsibilities to the area following the construction of the incinerator.

However, Elliot has raised concerns after reports from residents, birdwatching groups and environmental activists that the wildlife there, particularly rare nesting birds, are under threat from low water levels.

As part of the aim to repopulate rare birds, ‘predator-proof’ islands were created in the Farmlands, surrounded by water, to enable birds to nest without being disturbed.

However, Elliot has received reports that water levels had dropped, putting the birds in extreme danger.

Elliot Colburn said: “The Beddington Farmlands are supposed to be delivering a greater habitat for wildlife, especially endangered birds.

"It is heart-breaking to hear that what was supposed to be an incredibly important year to allow them to repopulate, has been put at risk by water levels being allowed to drop.

“I will be speaking with Viridor and the Council, as well as the local residents and environmental groups, to ensure this is rectified as soon as possible.

Viridor says seasonal conditions and Covid-19 have had an impact on the sludge drying beds.

A spokesperson for Viridor said: “Following a record period of dry and warm weather in April and May the sludge drying beds had started to dry out to an extent usually only seen much later in the breeding season.

"This overlapped with lockdown restrictions and a period when the Viridor team were unable to attend the site to manage the sludge beds.

"The Viridor team working on the Farmlands has now returned to work and is supporting the active management of the beds again.”