A video taken of the Riverside Walk in Kingston has prompted anger from residents after it showed metres of rubbish lining the walkway near the Thames.

Resident Joanna Scott described her anger in the short video that was shared on Facebook after being taken on Wednesday morning (June 24).

It showed her walking a stretch of Kingston Riverside Walk between Kingston Bridge and the Ram Pub.

She pointed out the "beautiful" scene of birds on the River Thames before panning to a mess of "bottles, bags" and other rubbish lying just metres away.

The video post garnered hundreds of likes, shares and angry comments online.

Many of those commenting were Kingston residents decrying the prevalence of litter in their town.

"Cleaners are doing a great job but people should be taking individual responsibility to take away their rubbish not just leaving it randomly," Joanna told the Comet Wednesday afternoon.

"It’s up to everyone to play a part," she added.

"More bins (are needed) but overall humans need to appreciate and respect their environment and the wildlife and not just leave rubbish. Take it home!"

Kingston Council (RBK) told the Comet that they were putting extra bins in place on the Riverside Walk on Thursday. 

A spokesperson for the council said:

"We are placing additional bins and cleaning staff along the riverside from today. We urge all visitors to place waste within the bins provided and take their rubbish with them if they are full up, have consideration for other users and local residents and help us keep the spaces clean."