A Norbury school's governor is working on trialling new technology which allows pupils to be tracked through their uniforms.

Mary Turner, a uniform manufacturer and governor at Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College for Girls is currently working on a school-wide trial of the radio-frequency identification chips according to the Times Educational Supplement.

The technology was trialled earlier this year at a 19 pupil school in Doncaster.

The chip is woven into school jumpers and includes information on the pupil's identity, photographs and other details including whether they misbehaved in their last lesson.

These details can then be accessed by teachers through a laptop or handheld computer.

Mrs Turner said: "My first reaction was, It's Big Brother, I don't like it'," she said.

"But it's not intrusive It's just keeping track of them in school."

However, the chips have been criticised by civil liberties groups who have likened them to tagging prisoners.

The chips were developed by Darnbro Ltd, which was set up by Andy Stewart, an ICT teacher at Hungerhill School, and a school uniform company.

  • What do you think? Is it a sensible way to keep kids safe or Big Brother gone mad?