Elliot Colburn has hit back over claims that he had done nothing to try and save GoSutton bus.

The GoSutton bus pilot began in 2019 and was a much-loved service for residents who used it to travel within the borough.

Before the pandemic, TFL had confirmed it was looking to extend the trial which ended on May 27.

Sutton Liberal Democrats say that they were behind the announced extension after running a successful campaign contacting TFL and launching a petition.

Councillor Manuel Abellan says Elliot Colburn had nothing to do with the extension and that he never wrote to TFL.

Your Local Guardian:

Councillor Abellan released TFL's response to his request for freedom of information, on June 22.

On April 23, TFL told Abellan that they had not "received any correspondence" from Mr Colburn or any other members of the conservative party.

In response, Councillor Abellan said:

It's hugely disappointing that Elliot Colburn has been caught out trying to mislead residents."

However, Elliot Colburn has since released his letters addressed to the Commissioner of TFL, Mike Brown, asking for updates on the service and expressing residents concerns.

Mr Colburn sent letters dated on February 25, March 26 and June 11.

Your Local Guardian:

On February 25, Mr Colburn asked the commissioner about "the future of the bus" and stated it had "enormous benefits for elderly and vulnerable commuters."

He also said, "it helps connect areas more poorly served by public transport."

Yesterday ( June 22 ), Mr Colburn responded to claims and said: "Sutton Conservatives had been making representations to TFL to expand and keep the service running.

I have used every opportunity to speak to TFL.

"Perhaps if the Lib Dems got on with the day job, rather than making up stories, they could actually achieve something for our borough."

Elliot Colburn will be meeting TFL in July to discuss issues relating to transport in Sutton.