RSPCA says it is not uncommon to receive reports of dead, dying or very unwell horses 'dumped like rubbish' in Surrey.

The news comes after a pony was found dead on Grove Lane Track, adjacent to Upper Pillory Down in Sutton.

The animal rescue service fears that more sick horses will be 'dumped' across South West, after seeing a rapid increase in incidents since the start of lockdown.

Your Local Guardian:

Since lockdown, the RSPCA has received 91 reports about horses in Surrey, but fears much worse is to come if, as expected, the Covid crisis sparks the UK and global recession.

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Threats of a financial recession this year has led to fears that irresponsible horse breeders will continue to breed their animals in a bid to turn a quick profit.

RSPCA Surrey, say existing horse owners may struggle financially to keep their animals and cover vet bills- which may lead to owners abandoning their animals out of desperation.

Christine McNeil, the charity’s National Equine Inspectors Co-Ordinator said: “This is a truly worrying time for equine charities.

We still haven’t got a handle on the repercussions of the current horse crisis, and it now looks like the worst is yet to come.

"With such a huge number of horses in our care, and so many in private boarding, at great cost, we have already had to adapt how we try to help as many horses as we can.

“The public’s help is vital to keep the RSPCA afloat during this extremely difficult time.

"We can’t stress how much we need loving homes for our horses and ponies.

"We are urging those with experience of horses to please consider rehoming one of our wonderful rescue horses."

The RSPCA is appealing for donations to help it prepare for an influx of horses and ponies desperately in need of help.

To donate, visit at