A Nursery has had their registration suspended after staff failed to notice a baby had escaped through their door which was left open.

Caterpillars Day Nursery in Carshalton is being investigated by Ofsted after the incident which took place on June 5.

The incident saw a member of the public find the baby and then return the little one to the nursery.

The nursery says they are 'devastated' and 'suprised' by Ofsted's decision and that all risks have been removed.

Your Local Guardian:

Parents were informed in an email from the Nursery Manager, at 9.17 pm on June 9, which stated:

"We received the devastating information today that Ofsted is suspending our registration with regard to an incident that occurred on Friday.

"We took immediate action including notifying Ofsted and social services of an incident, which led to a baby leaving the baby room unnoticed by staff.

"We are still in shock that this happened and are distressed by any worry we have caused to the parents of the child.

"The child was brought back into the baby room by a kind member of the public.

"We fulfilled all legal processes by suspending staff, rectifying the issue of the side door being used.

"We have been told we are still having our registration suspended to allow full co-operation of the investigation.

I am surprised Ofsted has taken this step, as this action is taken by Ofsted when they believe a child/ren may be at risk of harm.

"That is not the case, the risk of the open door has been removed and the staff removed from the premises.

"We are still co-operating fully with all agencies.

"Therefore we have no choice but to comply by displaying the notice of suspension on our door and suspending our service.

"We understand this letter and the action taken by Ofsted may distress you so please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss that further."

The nursery says they are appealing the decision as they 'followed statutory requirements.'

Caterpillars Day Nursery has frozen all fees from June 10.