MPs have slammed Sutton Council for 'failing' to engage with the community on plans for the emergency transport response.

MPs Elliot Colburn, Paul Scully and Leader of Sutton Conservatives Councillor Tim Crowley, say they have been "left in the dark" about plans for walking and cycling schemes. 

As part of the response to the pandemic, the government announced £2 billion of funding for Councils to create more space for walking and cycling, so that people can remain socially distanced when they are out and about.

However, concerns have been raised about Sutton Council making decisions without giving residents, councillors and MPs the chance to have their say.

Your Local Guardian:

The Council has also faced criticism about the schemes it has already implemented, with some describing them as ‘more dangerous’ than before for pedestrians and cyclists.

Elliot Colburn said: “By keeping others in the dark about the plans, there is no opportunity to suggest improvements to these schemes and ensure they work for all road users, including motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.”

Paul said: “As Minister for London, I have seen other London Boroughs engaging enthusiastically with their residents and opposition members to work on these schemes, so it is a shame that this Council has wasted time and failed to do so.

“They need to get a grip, show some real ambition and work more openly when making these sorts of decisions.”

Councillor Manuel Abellan, Chair of the Council's Environment Committee said: "Sutton is ambitious that our recovery from lockdown is sustainable and in line with our reputation as one of London's greenest boroughs.

"That's why we are focusing on making walking and cycling safer and easier in the borough.

"Like all councils, Sutton is responding to a fast-moving situation and the requirement from the Government for proposals to be submitted last week.

"Councillors have been involved in previous discussions about similar schemes and have all been told how and when they will be consulted about the detailed schemes in their wards should the funding bids be agreed by the Government and Transport for London."