A suspect has been charged for reckless arson after a flat was set on fire at the beginning of the week.

Four fire engines and around 25 firefighters were called to reports of a fire, on All Saints Road at around 12.21 am, on June 1.

Around 17 people managed to escape the burning building before the firefighters had arrived.

Emergency services attended the scene after firefighters rescued one man on an internal staircase.

Your Local Guardian:

Half of a four-roomed flat on the second floor of the building was damaged by the fire.

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A family has since spoken out about the disturbance.

"He endangered the lives of around 25 people including 6 children.

"My granddaughter lives opposite his flat with her three children under 7 and is terrified he will return and set fire to the stairway.

"Her flat was gutted by fire 4 years ago due to an electrical fault and this has brought back those traumatic memories."

He has been remanded for arson with intent.