Sutton Council's Local Committee has commissioned a revamp of the bridge at Sutton train station.

Sutton Council’s Local Committee for Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont and Network Rail have joined forces to 'brighten up' the station.

Lionel Stanhope, a South London sign writer known for his retro typography, has been transforming railway bridges across London, with Sutton as his latest location.

The artist, who has worked on many film sets, has given the bridge parapet at Sutton train station a new look with a heritage-inspired design.

The Sutton Council-owned steam train has been incorporated in the artwork, as approved by the local committee.

Your Local Guardian:

The steam train which is over 150 years old is a 28-tonne, 26ft A1 class green steam engine named ‘Sutton’, owned by Sutton Council for over five decades and is currently being lovingly restored.

Artist, Lionel Stanhope said: “I am really happy to be working again with Network Rail in Sutton to add colour and identity to the bridge.”

Councillor Tony Shields, Chair of the Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee said: “We are excited to have been able to use public realm funding from the Local Committee to support this project.

"Giving the bridge a fresh new look while incorporating our local history with the Sutton-owned steam train in the artwork is something we were keen to do to brighten up the area.

“This is one example of many of the interesting and positive projects the Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee is involved in.

"We are always looking for new and ambitious projects to benefit the residents in our ward.”