Kingston Libraries have published a carefully selected list of novels and non-fiction by black authors available as free e-books on their website.

On Wednesday (June 3), a spokesperson for Kingston Libraries posted the reading list to Twitter with a short statement describing their thought process behind making it.

"Libraries are trusted spaces, free to enter and open to everyone. In them, people can explore and share reading, information, knowledge and culture.

"Our role is to provide help and resources to whoever wants to know more.

"That's why we gathered for you a bibliography to learn about racism and racial inequalities.

"All these ebooks and audiobooks are available on Libby/Overdrive and are free to download," the post read.

Find the reading list here:

Included in the reading list are a number of prominent black voices from literature and non-fiction alike, including many Anglo-American greats like Toni Morrison, James Baldwin and Zadie Smith.

Other black authors featured on the list include Jamaican Booker Prize Winner Marlon James, Nigerian-American Nnedi Okorafor and Reni Eddo-Lodge, the British journalist who authored Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race (2017).

"We separated fiction and non-fiction and decided to put both because obviously non-fiction is a really good way to read about other stories and points of view, and fiction is a really good way to develop empathy with the characters. We need a good blend of both," Marion from Kingston Libraries told the Comet.

She said the team had decided to compile the reading list in response to the ongoing rising of the Black Lives Matter movement after the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police in the US.

"We had some discussions regarding the Black Lives Matter movement about what we should put online.

"I think it's important that libraries provide information in this way. I think libraries are just on the side of unity and equality I would say," Marion said.

To join Kingston Library and get access to all the titles and more as free e-books, click here:

"We don't give an opinion on the subject, we give resources and content for people to form their own opinions and it's important that we provide this.

"In this specific matter we need to listen to the people who are directly involved in the situation. Black authors are among the best people to talk about this current situation.

"They're all for free, people just need a library card and they can sign up on our website. All of our ebooks are available that way in fact," she said.