A six-year-old has been applauded for his fantastic efforts to support those in need during the outbreak.

Connor Griffin, of Cheam, has been supporting key workers and the homeless by delivering food across the borough.

Since the start of lockdown, Connor who has non-verbal autism, has been delivering weekly snacks to his old preschool, Sutton Opportunity.

The six-year-old has also set up a 'wishing well' collection for Sutton Night Watch and has successfully delivered eight large loads of goods to the charity so far.

Your Local Guardian:

With the help of his mother, Erin Griffin, Connor has also launched an online campaign to help Sutton Portage Service support families of disabled children who are struggling financially.

The little star has also created a fundraising page to continue funding food and has been knitting hearts with his carer for patients in St Georges Hospital ICU.

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, Connors mother, Erin Griffin, said: "Everyone has been very grateful for all the donations they have received.

"We are very proud of Connor, who has come such a long way in the past year.

Your Local Guardian:

"Connor normally finds a change of routine or new people very difficult to deal with.

"His lack of speech means that communicating is very difficult for him.

"If you told me six months ago that Connor would be able to help his community in this way, I wouldn't have thought it was possible.

"He really is a superhero and I am very proud of him."

Donations reached £425 out of the targeted £500 at the time of publishing.

If you would like to help Connor support the community visit at Connors page