A care home in Ewell has welcomed two robot cats to its team to help with the mental health and general wellbeing of its residents.

The Priory Court Care Home in Ewell village were awarded two "Joy For All" robotic cats after the home won a competition run by the The Future Care Group who own the home.

"These interactive pets were given a very warm welcome from the residents, especially in this unprecedented time when due to the corona virus, visits are not permitted and cuddles from loved ones are greatly missed," a spokesperson for Future Care Group said.

The competition sought out the best event in its group that demonstrated a person-centred approach to care.

The Ewell Village care home won for its Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day event for residents and relatives led by Chef Ronnie.

The prize of the two robot tabby cats, which have realistic fur and make pet-like sounds, have already bought moments of joy to the residents according to the care home.

Home Manager Rommel Villanueva said “We had no idea when we entered the competition that we would receive such an amazing addition to the home!

"The residents love the way the cats respond to hugs and petting and the sounds the cats make it really is like we have two new pets in the home.

"We couldn’t have wished for a nicer prize, they have inspired smiles, laughter and fond memories and the fact that they are so low maintenance, is just a bonus."

Joy For All produce "lifelike robotic pets for seniors".

Their website says they are designed to bring "comfort, companionship, and fun to elder loved ones" with added ease.