Extinction Rebellion Merton staged their third protest within a month after Merton Council had 'failed' to act on the UK climate emergency.

The activist group 'reclaimed the streets' on May 16, 24 and May 30 by hosting another peaceful protest outside of Merton Council.

In the groups most recent protest, they were seen holding signs which read 'tears or smiles' as they expressed their worries for their children's future, before staging another 'social distance bike ride' with their self-made bike lanes.

Merton's current plan; focuses on making changes to roads and pavements to improve road safety, support social distancing and provide more space for walking and cycling.

Your Local Guardian:

However, Extinction Rebellion argues Merton needs to take a more 'strategic borough-wide view' which reduces pollution and creates safer streets across the entire borough.

The group goes onto further say, Merton Council should reduce the reliance on car use once lockdown restrictions are completely lifted.

Extinction Rebellion Merton are protesting for the below changes to be acknowledged:

-More space available for pedestrians

-More cycle lanes and improving existing ones

-Reducing road space for vehicles

-Traffic calming measures that slow down vehicles

- More walking school bus schemes.

-Better and safer provisions for bike parking

-Encouraging people to update, sell or give away old bikes that are not being used

-More cycle training programmes

- Get Merton included in London's Ultra Low Emission Zone

Your Local Guardian:

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Merton said: "In addition to these urgent measures to cope with the crisis, the climate emergency requires broader action from the Council.

"When it becomes safe (as the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted), the Council should take steps to encourage the use of public transport.

"Even after the lockdown ends, the Council should continue to relieve congestion on the roads by encouraging its staff and other residents to work from home.

"It should accelerate the phasing out of fossil fuel use by Council-owned properties and help residents and local businesses with advice and financial incentives to switch to renewable sources of energy.

"The Council should join the No 3rd Runway Coalition to oppose the expansion of Heathrow airport, which would bring additional congestion, air pollution and noise disruption to Merton."

A petition has been launched to push Merton Council to introduce more cycling lanes.

If you would like to sign, visit at Change Merton's streets