The last chance to have your say on Bishopsford Road Bridge design will be today, June 1.

Following the bridge partially collapsing in a flood event in last year, June, Merton is seeking residents views on the design of the new bridge at Bishopsford Road, Mitcham.

After carrying out surveys and investigations to explore whether the bridge would be repaired or replaced, Merton Council decided to demolish the broken bridge and build a new one.

The new bridge will be a single span structure, approximately 10 metres long.

Both the bridge and parapets will be designed to modern highway standards to accommodate heavier structural loads

There are two proposed designs for Bishopsford Bridge, as follows:

Option one

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Brick parapets similar to the existing downstream parapet but on both sides of the bridge.

Option two

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Metal railings, similar to those in place around the National Trust land (upstream side of the bridge) but with the options for decorative features.

Other issues that will form part of the planning application include; Disturbance to neighbours, design and historic context, Highways and access, flood risk and ecology.

Several residents have highlighted faults in the proposed plans and have stated neither options have plans for a cycling lane.

Merton Council said: "We are seeking early views so that residents, businesses and other organisations have an early input to the design of the new bridge.

"The views we receive to this consultation will be taken into account in the design we submit for planning permission.

"Another public consultation will also be undertaken after the planning application has been submitted to the council.

The consultation closes at the end of the day (June 1).

To find out more information about the proposed plans, visit at:

To have your say, visit at: