A baby Roe deer has been taken to a wildlife sanctuary in Leatherhead after it was found hiding from the smoke of the Thursley Common wildfire.

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) posted the news to Facebook and Twitter with pictures of crew members looking after the deer, who they understandably referred to as "Bambi".

"We found Bambi! Pat and the team found this baby Roe Deer in the smoke at Thursley Common hiding for safety.

"It’s now en route to a sanctuary in Leatherhead to be checked out.

"'He’s kind of bashful isn’t he?'"

On Twitter, SFRS continued to warn residents away from Thursley Common after a severe wildfire broke out there in recent days.

"Over 50 firefighters are continuing to deal with the large fire at #Thursley Common.

"Please continue to avoid the area. This deer was rescued and is well."