Paul Scully has sparked an angry backlash online after he urged the public to move on following the controversy over Dominic Cummings.

The Conservative MP says it was right that questions were asked of Cummings and the government, however, believes he has done enough to explain the situation.

In a statement released online, Mr Scully said he was "only too aware of the sacrifices people have made over the last few weeks," paying tribute to three of his family members who have died before and during lockdown.

Speaking on his thoughts of the press conference, Mr Scully said: "I believe that he answered the central point that he acted within the guidance allowing for his family’s exceptional circumstances.

"Some people may disagree with some of his judgement calls, but I believe that he made them in good faith, in the best interest of his family and his position within the heart of government at a particularly crucial time without setting himself ahead of others. "

Your Local Guardian:

Mr Scully went on to further say that "some people have the right to be frustrated", however suggested that some are politically "point-scoring".

Mr Scully added: "Yes, there are political scores being settled, with the left trying to take a scalp and some of the Brexit leavers still sore that Dominic Cummings has been critical of them.

"But, most people with no political axe to grind, have seen the headlines and some of the coverage and many are understandably angry."

The Conservative MP has received over 100 comments from constituents, with an apparent majority stating they are 'disappointed' that he has 'defended' Mr Cummings and for suggesting that people are politically point scoring.