A man was seen smiling for the camera after being caught 'spraying graffiti' in Grove Park last week.

The man reportedly vandalised a park bench and dustbin at around 8.30 pm on May 20.

Pictures show the man spraying the side of the bin before being challenged by a member of the public. 

He then seems to pose for the camera with the spray can in one hand, with his thumbs up in the other.

Eyewitnesses say the suspect was drinking with a mixed group of around ten people who left behind 'tons of litter'.

Your Local Guardian:

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, the eyewitness said: "I was sat having a picnic with my wife and saw the guy graffiti on a park bench and then a bin.

"This was a busy park and nobody said a word, so I went over and recorded him.

"I thought he was just a bit of an idiot.

"He was clearly showing off in front of his friends and either doesn't understand or care about the impact of his actions.

Your Local Guardian:

"At a time when we are all struggling the last thing we need is some idiot costing us more money through vandalism.

"We pay for it ourselves (including his mum I'd imagine) through our council tax.

"I was also shocked that nobody did a thing about it."

Police have been contacted for comment.