A 28-year-old man is accused of raping a woman after they watched TV at her home, in one of the first trials to start following the Covid-19 lockdown.

Errol Robinson, of Sutton, is accused of rape and assault by penetration at the woman's flat in Fleet, Hampshire, on July 17 2018.

The courtroom at Winchester Crown Court has been divided up to allow jurors and barristers to socially distance, with a second courtroom set up as an assembly and deliberation room for the jurors.

Witnesses and jurors were told they would need to bring their own water to drink and holy books if they required them for the legal oath.

Judge Keith Cutler told the jurors: "It's a new experience for all of us, it's new for me and I have been doing this for 24 years.

"This is the first trial we have had in this way, there are only one or two centres that have started new trials, there aren't many courtrooms where people can be so far apart."

The judge said the proceedings were allowed within government guidance and legislation surrounding the pandemic.

Judge Keith Cutler, added: "All court proceedings are completely outside all the legislation - I am not saying you are above the law but you do not have to worry about the legal position when you are in the building."

Tom Wilkins, prosecuting, told the jurors that Robinson had met the complainant three days before the incident and they had exchanged phone numbers.

The defendant sent her several messages including one saying: "You making me want you close to me, is that something bad or good?"

Mr Wilkins said Robinson also asked about her previous sex life and added: "You may think he is much more interested in her than she is in him."

He said that on July 17, Robinson went to the complainant's flat where they watched a television programme on her laptop before he attacked her while putting his hand over her mouth.

The complainant said in a video interview shown to the court: "Suddenly he lifted me up from the floor and suddenly he is up on my bed and he started to take my clothes off, which I didn't want to.

"He was telling me 'Just relax and think positive things'.

"I was so agitated, frustrated, because even my mum doesn't watch me naked.

"He was hurting me a lot, I was screaming.

"He put his hand on my face and nose, I couldn't breathe, I was using all my strength."

Mr Wilkins said the complainant then ran to a flatmate's room, naked apart from a dress she held in front of her.

The prosecutor said Robinson denied sexual intercourse had taken place between them.

The defendant denies the charges and the trial continues.