TFL has been forced to introduce traffic measures following angry McDonald’s fans causing heavy loads of traffic.

McDonald's opened 39 stores in the UK and Ireland, including Oldfields Road and North Cheam, at 11 am, on May 20, and there were massive queues as customers waited to order Big Macs and McFlurrys.

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In footage released online, cars were seen tailing back down the A217, in the hopes of getting a burger.

However, the huge queues have become long-lasting which has resulted in traffic jams and violence between customers.

McDonald's have now brought in more staff to help meet customers demands.

In a statement posted online, Sutton Liberal Democrats announced an update from TFL:

"Following discussion with McDonald’s’ franchise Manager this morning, we have agreed to introduce temporary traffic management solutions, in the effort to reduce traffic conflict at the entrance of the business which has resulted in violence between road users – adding to the wider traffic issues.

"This TM will include a temporary banning of the right turn from the Sutton Common Road approach into the McDonalds branch.

"We will review this weekly and remove when appropriate.

"To help manage queues, the branch has also provided additional staff, while offering temporary additional capacity in the car park as they process customer orders."