The fire threat level was raised to "severe" in Surrey by the Met Office after several recent fires and amid rising daily temperatures.

Recent fires including one on Horsell Common that requires specialist wildfire attendance preceded the Met Office update of their threat level across the county as temperatures rose this week.

On Wednesday (May 20), a spokesperson for SFRS posted to Twitter quoting the Met Office announcement:

"Warning: The Fire Severity index has increased to level 4 in Surrey.

"This means the risk of wildfires and rapid spread of fire is likely to occur."

The post also advised residents against bonfires amid soaring temperatures this week.

"If you see a fire, no matter how small, please ring 999 immediately.

"We would advise against having bonfires today (May 20)," it read.

There are six levels of fire threat on the Met Office's typical 'Index' rating system, also used by fire and rescue services, ranging from "Low-moderate" (Level 1) through to "Extreme" (Level 5) and "Catastrophic" Level 6.