Donations have poured in for some of Kingston's most vulnerable elderly residents amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The impact of the Covid-19 virus and subsequent lockdown measures imposed to help slow its spread have impacted the elderly community severely.

The popular Alfriston community home for example was forced to close its doors recently after its patrons were forced to self-isolate for months to shield themselves against coronavirus.

Yet support from residents across the borough has helped keep its vital services going albeit in a modified form.

"Staff rallied together to perform an outreach service offering all kinds of aid, from the delivery of home cooked meals and tailor made activity packs, to befriending calls and crisis support.

"More than two thousand pounds have been donated in just a few weeks," a spokesperson described.

The day centre is operated by charity Kaleidoscope Project, and is continuing to support 85 older people amidst the lockdown, 20 of whom are new referrals from social services following the coronavirus outbreak.

Service Manager Lisa Blackman described what the situation has been like for staff and patrons since the virus hit:

"The people who depend on us fall into the high risk category and are unable to go outside. Already vulnerable and isolated, this forced self-isolation has been extremely difficult for them.

"Visiting the centre offered them meaningful interaction, they could come and get their hair done, play games with friends, enjoy a chef prepared meal, that’s all had to change.

"Thankfully we’ve been able to change our service delivery quickly, so the people we support were not suddenly at a loss."

Lisa offered her thanks to everyone who had donated to help keep their services afloat.

"The donations we have received have allowed us to extend an outreach service across the community, the kindness has been overwhelming and we are so grateful.

"If you know of an older person who might be struggling to access vital services, please reach out and we will do all we can to help," she said.