A man with MS has set himself the challenge of doing 1000 pull-ups to raise money for MS Society Sutton.

Robert Griffiths, 28, from Cheam, decided to do 1000 pull-ups to help give back to the charity, which has helped him 'massively' with his condition.

Since being diagnosed with MS in 2015, Robert has received an immense amount of support from MS Society Sutton.

The condition can affect both the spinal cord and brain, causing a range of symptoms, including problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance.

Robert has launched a fundraising page in the hopes of raising money for the society, who have had to postpone their fundraising events due to the pandemic.

Your Local Guardian:

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, Robert Griffiths said: "Helping the MS Society is a top priority for me for two reasons, firstly on a personal level, after being diagnosed, the MS Society Sutton group helped me massively and still do.

"The second reason is that the national MS Society invest massively into research for new treatments.

"I have directly benefitted from this, as I have received a treatment called Lemtrada at St Georges and most recently HSCT (Stem Cell Transplant) at Kings College."

Speaking about how the challenge is going so far, Robert added: "The challenge is going very well, I've received donations from new donors as well as family.

"To begin with, I wanted to do 1000 pull ups in four weeks and I have worked out 36 a day would get me there.

"I've been pushing further in some days and less on others.

"My arms are beginning to ache a fair bit, but if I continue hopefully people will continue to donate."

Donations reached £340 out of the targeted £1000 at the time of publishing.

If you would like to donate, visit at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/1000-pull-ups