Hungry McDonald's fans rushed to Sutton and North Cheam drive through - but the fast food giant warned it will shut if queues become too long.

McDonald's opened 39 stores in the UK and Ireland at 11am today and there were massive queues as excited customers waited to order Big Macs and McFlurrys.

Huge queues formed at Oldfields Road, tailing back along the A217 as it opened this morning.

The sites, mainly located in South East England, and are offering a limited menu with orders capped at £25 per car.

The reopening has sparked conversation online as people react to the bizzare response of the reopening.  

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One person said: "Think they need to shut them, it was a nightmare trying to get home from work on the A217."

Another person said: "It’s been like this all day and is now even worse, we’ve even had a few arguments, people are really risking it for a burger."

Peterborough tops the list with six open for drive-thru, Ipswich has four, Luton has three and Sutton has two. 

It means McDonald's has 38 restaurants open in the UK - 23 as drive-through only, 10 offering deliveries and drive-thru, and five just serving online orders via apps.

The fast food chain has also reopened six of its restaurants in Dublin as drive-thrus.

It warned they will shut if they become too busy.