The Polka Theatre has announced they will be closed until next year in response to the pandemic.

Following on from a £2.5 million grant from the Arts Council, the theatre temporarily closed its doors on February 18 so that redevelopment works could begin, with plans to re-open this autumn.

However, delays to construction caused by the pandemic, now mean that the building can no longer be completed in time for its winter shows.

The state-of-the-art children’s theatre, with new indoor and outdoor play spaces and creative learning activities, will now open in Spring 2021.

In a statement from Polka Theatre online: "This is a huge blow to Polka.

"The charity faces both the loss of its vital income-generating winter productions, as well as increased costs to the redevelopment – putting a £500K+ hole in its plans.

"Despite this, Polka is continuing to support children, families and teachers through its newly established Polka Online programme and tailored creative learning activities."

Artistic Director, Peter Glanville, said: "This is a frustrating and challenging time, especially when we were so close to being able to welcome audiences back to our reimagined venue.

"Polka has always led the way as one of the most welcoming theatres in the country, with 100,000 visitors every year, and a commitment to inclusivity.

"We know that when we can reopen our doors, children are going to need imaginative play and creative opportunities more than ever, as we work to reconnect with each other and reshape our communities.”

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