A man in his 90's has walked 40,000 metres around his living complex in a bid to raise money for his local church in line with Christian Aid Week.

Ron Morris, from Wallington, pledged to walk 200 laps of 200 metres to fundraise for St Michael and All Angels Church in South Beddington.

Despite fracturing his leg last year, Ron made it his mission to do a walking fundraiser after doorstep collections for his church were put to a halt.

His marathon effort which took place between May 10 and May 16, has raised over £1000.

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, former railway engineer, Ron Morris said: “ After I fractured my leg, I couldn’t walk around the grounds once, let alone 200 times.

“I fell over on the 192nd lap when I bent down to pick up my pen, it gave me a bit of a shock but I kept going and managed the 200.

“I think it is important to care for our neighbours whether they are local or across the world- I have supported Christian Aid for years."

Speaking about what life might be like after the pandemic, Ron Morris said: “I think that post-virus might be more like post-war, people have been thrown back together because of coronavirus, even though we have had to stay apart.

"Before, during and after the war, communities were much more caring, they looked after each other and in recent years people haven’t even known who their neighbours are.

"Christian Aid is important to me because it does valuable work overseas helping the world’s poorest people.”

A spokesperson for Christian Aid said: “Ron’s story is an inspiration to us all, he has shown us how communities can still thrive, despite the circumstances.

“In times of crisis, the poorest, most vulnerable and marginalised are at the greatest risk.

"The pandemic threatens to push millions of people into extreme poverty, which makes support for Christian Aid even more urgent this year.”

Donations reached £1013 at the time of publishing.

To donate visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Ron-Morris