A fundraiser has been launched for a 44-year-old who suddenly lost the feeling in her legs mid-way through lockdown.

Ellissa Hawkins, who was born with dislocated hips, woke up to zero feeling in her legs on the morning of April 23.

On April 23, Ellissa was rushed to St Helier Hospital and was later told by doctors that her left hip had completely torn.

After several scans, doctors discovered two out of twelve of Ellissa’s bones in her backbone had severely deteriorated alongside, her lumbar, a region of her spine.

Due to her dislocated hips, Ellissa had already relied on her two sons, Joshua Martin, 14, and Bobby Hawking’s, 19. 

Your Local Guardian:

Since the rapid change in her condition, Ellissa has had to completely depend on her oldest son, Bobby. 

The mother of two hopes the fundraiser will allow her to purchase a specialist wheelchair, to give her son ‘his quality of life back.’

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, Ellissa Hawking’s said: "I have not left the house in years due to my hip and nerve damage in my hands, wrists and fingers which stopped me from using clutches and on the rare occasions I have, I must rely on someone to drive me around.

"Over the last six months I noticed my spine was feeling different and my pain levels were through the roof, so I went for an urgent CT scan.

"A few days after CT, I woke up and every time I tried to stand my legs would collapse and I had no feeling in my legs.

"I have had no quality of life for many years, being housebound and now virtually bed-bound.

"I live on morphine and other high-class pain killers and my sons are my only form of contact and support.

"This chair would change my life as it's hydraulic, which means I can use it at home and reach the sink and lower it to the washing machine etc.

"It is also a mobility scooter, which means I could finally leave my house to browse around shops, go for a coffee and even take my beautiful dog out for a walk- just simple things that people do every day.

"The chair would allow my son to live his life instead of doing everything for me and worrying about me all of the time - it will change his life.

"I can't even go in my back garden, as I cannot afford to pay someone to level and pave the ground, it is so expensive.

"The amount of donations so far astounds me, and if by a miracle, enough is raised and more, it would be nice to get my garden done."

Donations reached £1230 out of the targeted £2500 at the time of publishing.

To donate, visit at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding