Footballers at Sutton High FC are on a mission to do as many kilometres as they can to raise money for the NHS. 

The footballers plan to track there miles every day on their daily walks and see how much they can raise by May 30. 

The challenge which started two weeks ago, on April 13, has already seen over £1000 in donations. 

Players at Sutton High FC have been recording their Kilometres whilst they run and are staying connected via Facebook, to co-ordinate the total count.

The team say they have been inspired by their teammate, Matt Kellaway, who is an emergency care worker for the South East Coast Ambulance Service. 

Your Local Guardian: Matt Kellaway Matt Kellaway

Vice Chairman of Sutton High FC, Terry Horsted, said: “Our club has a great history since 1954, but this has to be one of the biggest achievements off the pitch by a long long way. 

"The team started this with a target of raising £500 over the total time, on day three they raised over £500 and within seven days they had doubled it and then gone onto beat their running target of 500Km.

“Now they are just trying to clock as many Kilometres as they can. 

“Other local clubs have also shown support by donating, it is turning into something special. 

“It has shown us football really can come together during tough times.

 “There is a lot of negative, doom and gloom stories around at the moment. 

“We hope this gives frontline workers comfort, to know we are all trying to do whatever we can to show our appreciation, no matter how small it is."

Donations reached £1170 at the time of publishing. 

To donate visit at: