A kidney transplant survivor from Sutton has set up a virtual challenge to raise money for St Helier's Kidney Transplant team.

Lisa Laing, 50, plans to walk and peddle the total distance of 1744.2 km in her back garden to raise money for the NHS.

Lisa, who was born with kidney disease, has received two kidney transplants with the help of St Helier Hospital and says her donors helped give her the 'gift of life'.

The strong mother, who represents St Helier in the British Transplant games, would usually be training, however, is shielding due to the outbreak.

Your Local Guardian:

Lisa hopes to give back to the hospital which has been by her side for more than 30 years.

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, Lisa Laing said: "Knowing that the local community is coming together and raising funds for our hospital that houses our renal unit in times of hardship means the world to me.

"Our renal Doctors and nurses are amongst some of the best in the world- the care and attention I have received is amazing.

"They are always willing to give their time to answer any questions or concerns which they must have heard 100 times over.

"Their dedication to care is incredible.

"I will miss the British Transplant games so much this year.

"We have a coming together of not only our transplant recipients from St Helier but Transplant recipients from across the whole of the UK.

"We will miss the cheers and lap of honour for our heroes.

"The games are so much more than a sporting event, there are medals for the winners but we are all winners by being there.

"The biggest cheer is for the last person hobbling across the finish line, for the daughter, son, mother or father of a family member that has passed and donated their organs.

"The harsh reality is some might not make it to next year, some new transplant recipients will be there, meaning they have newly received the gift of life.

Speaking about how she is finding the challenge, Lisa added: "I can see the very top of St Helier from my back garden, so as I walk around my garden I can visualise myself walking through the corridors of the hospital.

"I have walked those corridors and wards in reality so many times over the last thirty years that I can almost hear and feel them as I'm walking.

"When I walk, I think about the courage of the NHS colleagues walking those same corridors and wards.

"I know that my challenge is nowhere near the challenges they are facing.

"A few extra pennies will be given readily for the heroes of ICU and the renal unit at St Helier."

Donations reached £175 out of the targeted £250 at the time of publishing.

If you would like to donate, visit at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/llaing?fbclid=IwAR37tGtpgC1I33VeeXww3KZKPEE0E1026SBBVrWXutQ1SJA4AwqEJJCqwJc