A ticket inspector on Croydon’s trams died after contracting coronavirus, it has been revealed.

Transport for London (TfL) have sent their condolences to the man, believed to be in his late fifties.

A spokesperson for TfL said: “Sadly, a revenue inspector working for the Tram Operations London team died earlier in the month due to Covid-19.

“Our thoughts are with his family, colleagues and friends.”

A tram driver on the network who asked not to be named told us that ticket checking on the trams themselves has now been stopped and is taking place on platforms instead. But this has not been confirmed by TfL.

As of Friday (April 24) 30 transport workers had died from the virus, 23 of whom were bus workers.

And on April 13, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he would do everything he could to protect ‘heroic’ transport workers.

In a statement, Mr Khan said: “My thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones at this very difficult time.

“This is deeply personal – I can’t help but think that this could have been my dad or his colleagues and friends.”

Additional cleaning is being carried out on trams every night and floor stickers are being introduced at the busiest stops, East Croydon and West Croydon stops.

This is also set to be rolled out at other tram stops.