A mother of an autistic boy has launched a desperate appeal following the disappearance of her sons dog in Addiscombe last week.

Laura Beaumont, 37, has launched a public appeal after her sons best friend, Dori, was taken after wondering out of their back garden alongside their other dog, Coco. 

The mother says her son, Liam Beaumont, 13, has become withdrawn after his dog was reportedly taken by a woman in Croydon.

Dori was last seen outside The Dragons Quest Golf range, between the hours of 1.00 to 2.00 pm, on Tuesday 14 April.

An eyewitness who retrieved the families other dog Coco said he was unable to pick-up Dori, as she was hyperactive.

Your Local Guardian:

The eyewitness says a woman pulled up next to him in her car and offered to take Dori to South-Norwood Police station, which has been closed for several years.

Shortly after, a man who knows the family saw the eyewitness and offered to take Coco back to the house.

Sutton and Merton Dog Watch has stepped in to help Laura with her Appeal.

A spokesperson for Sutton and Merton Dog Watch said: "The volunteers of Sutton and Merton dog watch are heading up the search for Dori.

"Please whoever has Dori, we understand that you did the right thing by picking her up from the street and keeping her safe.

"Please know she is loved dearly and will be missing her family as much as they miss her.

" Times are difficult enough right now, please find it in your heart to return her to her family, hand her into a vet, no questions asked."

Liam’s mother, Laura Beaumont, said: “Liam has become withdrawn and quiet, he just wants her home.

“He always has Dori by his side, she is now 5-years-old, and we have had her since 12-weeks-old.

“I have been crying, I just so badly want her back, it has been over a week.

“How do people not have a heart? they know it is not their dog, she is such a loving dog.

“Dori chills Liam out, he has formed a strong friendship with her.

“He sits with her all day, plays Lego with her and sits in the dog’s bed with her.

“The person should do the right thing and hand her in, I just want Dori to be put somewhere she can be found, I will not press charges.

“Liam keeps asking me, when is Dori coming home and I can't give him an answer because I don't know.

“I can’t lie to him and tell him when, because he doesn’t deal with change well, he will be distraught.

“Liam asks me why I don’t know because mothers are meant to know the answer to everything, but I don’t.”

Update 23 April: It is understood Dori has since been returned to the family, thank you for sharing this appeal.