Scenes for the latest Harry Potter film are being shot at Surbiton train station this weekend.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, starring Daniel Radcliffe as boy wizard Harry, will be on location overnight from Friday to Sunday.

Café Chaud on platforms one and two at the station is reportedly being used in the movie.

Filming for the sixth book in the Harry Potter series, which has made author JK Rowling a multi-millionaire, has only recently begun.

Seargeant Christopher MacKellaich, of the British Transport Police, said: "We will have officers down at the station on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night to assist with any public order issues associated with the filming.

"They are going to be filming overnight from late evening to the early morning and we will have six or seven officers down there each night."

Kingston Council said there would be no road closures in place during filming.

In a recent interview, 18-year-old Radcliffe said filming was going "really well".

"I've just been doing a bit of work with Jim Broadbent who plays Horace Slughorn, who's just fantastic," he told the BBC.

"And we've been doing a bit of stuff with me and Rupert (Grint, who plays Ron Weasley).

"We haven't done any scenes with all the kids yet in the Great Hall - that's all to look forward to just after Christmas."

A spokeswoman for South West Trains said services would be running as normal and that filming would take place when trains stopped for the night.

"Our priority is to operate a train service, not a Hollywood film set," she said.