Two friends have been praised for raising a whopping £8000 to fund additional protective equipment for staff at Epsom and St Helier hospitals.

Terri Bennett, 32 and Mandy O Brien, 55, from Epsom,  decided to fundraise to help support their loved ones who work in the NHS.

Your Local Guardian:

Over the weeks, Terri and Mandy have delivered thousands of stock including; hand sanitizer, shower gel, medical gowns, hand cream and much more.

Last week alone, each hospital was given visors, goggles, masks and gloves, with more than 200 nurses receiving goody bags as a token of love.

Your Local Guardian:

The warm-hearted pair have decided to close the fundraiser after exceeding well-over the amount they originally expected.

The fundraiser which started on March 27 reached a staggering £8,010 at the time of publishing.

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, Terri Bennett, a mother of three, said: "As of today I and Mandy have decided to take some time out and will no longer be accepting any more donations.

"We hope you all agree that we have raised an outstanding amount which has been used to buy and distribute so much PPE to Epsom, St Helier and NHS Community nurses.

"It has brought so much joy and happiness to those working in the frontline at this difficult time.

"We both want to thank every single person who has made this amazing fundraiser possible."

The two friends have said an emotional goodbye to the hospital workers they have grown to love, over their weeks of delivering stock to the hospital.

Terri plans to deliver the last of the protective equipment this week.