A play specialist at Epsom and St Helier hospital has launched a campaign involving key workers children to encourage people to stay at home this weekend.

Sarah White, 35, has rallied children across Sutton and surrounding boroughs to take part in her 'stay at home' campaign.

Your Local Guardian:

The warm-hearted play specialist decided to create the campaign after witnessing, first hand, the strain on the NHS.

Together with photographer, Emma Boreham, Sarah put together a collage of children who are sacrificing time spent with their parents due to them working on the frontline.

Sarah says nine out of sixteen of the photographed hero's, have parents who work in emergency services.

Children pictured, have parents who work in; Fire service's, NHS, essential retail, aviation, school support and Royal Mail.

Speaking to Sutton Guardian for her reasoning behind the campaign, Sarah said: "I wanted to do something that would encourage people to follow government guidelines.

"To stay at home, save lives and reduce the impact that this virus is having on the NHS.

"Like me, the parents of the children in the picture want to make a difference in whichever small way we can.

"NHS staff are incredible and this pandemic has highlighted their commitment.

"I have a colleague who has had to leave her young children in the care of a family friend so that she can work on the front line.

"Some have been redeployed to The Nightingale.

"Others like myself have been working but are now symptomatic and awaiting swab results so we can get back to work as soon as possible.

"Everyone is determined to beat this and save lives.

"They are doing all of this with a smile, which is admirable.

"The children in the picture aged between, three to eleven-years-old, have been isolating for weeks with limited opportunities to socialise.

"They are making sacrifices without even knowing it, they are our stay at home heroes.

"If we help to convince anyone to stay at home then we have achieved our purpose."

If you would like to see Sarah's campaign visit at @SarahwhiteAC on Instagram.