Children from a Croydon school sent drawings, jokes and messages of support to emergency workers recently as the coronavirus crisis continued to force the country into lockdown.

Met Police from Croydon posted images of the colourful hand drawings to Twitter on Tuesday (April 7) with thanks to the kids who'd sent them into the borough police force.

"Why is a baseball stadium always cool?" One message read.

"Because it's always full of fans!"

Other drawings showed rainbows like many thousands of other kids across the UK have been displaying in support of key workers during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

"Children of keyworkers at a #Croydon school have sent us pictures with jokes on them," a Croydon Met spokesperson posted.

"In these challenging times with their parents still working, they have found time to cheer up others.

"I think you will all agree these children deserve a huge thank you and a gold star."