BRITAIN is set for another week of good weather after temperatures across the country hit more than 20C on Sunday for the first time this year.

The warm weather is set to continue for much of this week, particularly in the south, with parts of London reaching 18C on Thursday.

But forecasters warned the start of the week will be slightly cooler.

This weekend's fine weather saw many take to parks and open spaces, despite Government warnings about the spread of coronavirus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Brits on Friday to continue taking the virus seriously and stay at home as much as possible.

And Health secretary Matt Hancock told ITV News on Sunday: "Going out and sunbathing, I can totally understand why people want to do that in this sunny weather.

"But going out from your home helps spread the disease and instead you should stay home, help protect lives and the NHS, and that way we can come through this faster."

Police have been deployed to patrol beauty spots around the country to crack down on sunbathing.

Today, it's expected to be rainy early morning, but the rest of the day should be dry and fine for most with the wind easing off.

A Met Office spokesperson said: "Across southern areas, on Monday we are expecting a maximum temperature of 17 degrees in the south and 16 in the north.

"Into Tuesday and the middle part of the week it looks as if we will see high pressure coming in from the south, so temperatures will hit 20 degrees for most of the country.

"The temperatures should then continue to rise, we could see 22 degrees in the south and maybe even 23 degrees on Thursday."

The Met Office has stressed the importance of staying behind closed doors, despite the warm weather.

Police have also warned anyone who refuses to follow the UK's lockdown guidelines this weekend will be arrested.

Under the drastic measures, Brits are expected to stay indoors and only go outside for essential shopping trips, medical reasons, one stint of daily exercise and to work from home if possible.

Anyone who flouts the new crackdown will face fines of up to £1,000 or even arrest when cops are given emergency powers.