A 40-year-old charity worker has been generously supplying hospital workers with food and toiletries has launched an appeal for donations so she can continue supporting hospital workers.

Nisha Thiru, from Carshalton, has devoted her time to make regular trips back and fourth to St Helier hospital, in a bid to ensure staff don't go without.

The kind-hearted, mother of four, has been offering critical workers free hand gel and cream and is awaiting on delivery for goggles, aprons and masks.

She has also dropped off a range of items, including, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, ready meals and snacks and much more.

Your Local Guardian:

The mother who has worked for charities, Home Start, The Women’s Centre, Sutton Food Bank, and Jigsaw4U, would like to continue to lift the spirits of hospital workers during the outbreak.

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, Nisha Thiru said: “My heart goes out to those working the frontline, so my main focus is making sure they feel the love because they deserve it.

"I have been dropping off whatever I can order online to try and help make their day a little bit lighter.

" I would like to help those that help us and to feed them and keep them safe.

“I feel that is our duty and it shocks me that there is a need for me to plea for help, I simply can’t do it alone.

"I am in the process of getting food hygiene certificated so I can cook meals for staff, but what I currently need is the help of the community to spread the love and make it happen."

In the coming days, Nisha will be dropping off five boxes of toiletries donated from Boots and The Hygiene Bank and would like to extend her services to Epsom hospital.

To donate visit at https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8nO28xM3V4?fbclid=IwAR1ixygwZdAaQPj_8yHShR_Vyw4DxbmLJxoFP4jAcoJE1zmxRFLQxqBoBZU