Seaton House School in Sutton has won a court battle against Carshalton Beeches Bowling Club to stop the club from renewing their lease, which has been shared since the 1930s.

The court battle follows after Seaton House School refused to renew the club's lease over safeguarding concerns raised in an Ofsted report back in 2019.

The school say there has been an increase in the frequency of bowling matches during the school day and that safeguarding regulations have had to ‘change and tighten immeasurably’.

Carshalton Beeches Bowling club has denied safeguarding claims and filed a lawsuit to continue to bowl on the shared land.

The court case took place at the end of February and Seaton House won the battle last month, March 30.

Seaton house said: “Carshalton Beeches Bowling club have shared the site with the school since 1930 and has been a source of sporting and social benefit to many members of the local community.

“Over the years many things have changed, the school has grown in size and now has over 160 pupils.

“It is therefore no longer possible, due to the constraints of the site for the two parties to continue to co-exist, particularly when the clubhouse is the top floor of one of the school buildings.

A spokesperson for the club said:“Sadly for the club, the school has succeeded in their plans to close us down.

”As a result, a valuable community asset as been lost.

”As well as bowls there was an active social life including darts and snooker.

“Many of our members live on their own and the club was their family.

“Whilst we have no option but to accept the court’s decision, we do so with heavy hearts.

“The local residents have always supported the club even though they were not members.

“Many of them are now concerned that the school will now expand - something they previously denied, or sell the land for development.

“Many of the residents simply do not trust the school.”

Seaton House School added: “The School is naturally very pleased that the judge has found in our favour and that the School can reclaim the whole site as its own.

“We sympathise with the members of the CBBC for the loss of their club, but we trust they will find opportunities with other similar clubs in the local area.

"This ruling allows Seaton House School to move forward in the knowledge that Safeguarding regulations can be fully satisfied. 

"And that the School can refresh and update its facilities to enhance the educational experience for all our pupils.

"Our plans for our development are not to increase our school size, but to provide 21st Century teaching and learning spaces to ensure that our current and future pupils continue to receive an excellent, inspiring, all round education."