No one in Worcester Park knows precisely when the white Renault van first appeared outside Auriol Park.

But over the past two months residents have been driven to distraction by the mystery surrounding the vehicle.

Net curtain-twitching in Salisbury Road reached new levels when a figure in a hooded top was spotted moving it forward just a few yards at a time.

Local people have tried to confront the white van man but he repeatedly eludes them by arriving after dusk and disappearing at dawn.

To engage him, one person resorted to a sticker bearing the message: "This van is lowering the tone of the neighbourhood, please remove it."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the owner did not reply.

As the curious incident of the van in the night-time remains unexplained, conspiracy theories abound.

Charlie Skiddaw, whose bedroom overlooks Auriol Park, said: "Not since the Great Gatsby has the identity of one man attracted such idle speculation.

"The van is the only vehicle parked in Salisbury Road after dark.

"Of all the parks in all the world why does it lurch forward along ours?"

Last week the Sutton Guardian located one of the only residents to have met the nocturnal motorist accused of making the street a site for eyesores.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, rushed out to complain her driveway was blocked.

She described a charming, well-mannered man.

"He said he hired the van to sell Christmas trees. I didn't see any, but I'm sure it's entirely innocent.

"You wonder why people get so worked up over one van when there are stabbings and other problems in the world."

Police cannot intervene because the driver is parked legally and not sleeping inside.