Kingston Council (RBK) announced a change in its political leadership today (March 24) amid a fast-moving response to the Covid-19 coronavirus in the borough.

The change comes within the ruling Liberal Democrat majority on RBK, who voted in favour of replacing now former Council Leader Liz Green.

As such, Cllr Green stepped down from the role Tuesday, to be replaced by Councillor Caroline Kerr, while Green will continue her role as a ward councillor.

In a statement RBK said that Cllr's Kerr's background in health made her "ideally placed to support Kingston’s residents through COVID-19."

"Cllr Kerr has advised Britain’s leading public health professionals on how to encourage effective behaviour change during pandemics.

"She has extensive experience in the media and managing crisis communications.

"Residents, the Council and all those supporting communities are facing unprecedented challenges.

"Over the coming months, Cllr Kerr’s focus will be on communicating with residents about the actions the council is taking to keep Kingston safe and to support the extensive community volunteering activity," a statement announcing the news read on the RBK website.

Cllr Kerr offered her own comments on assuming the leadership of RBK's governing party:

"I want to thank Liz for her excellent leadership over the past two years and the way she has led the borough through the COVID-19 pandemic up until this point.

"My sole focus for the next few months will be to get the borough through this unprecedented time and to communicate with residents about the best ways they can help each other while sticking to the rules which are designed to keep us all safe.

"I recognise how difficult the current lockdown is for everyone in the borough but in Kingston, as in the rest of the country, staying home means saving lives.”

Cllr Green, who has served as Leader of RBK since 2018, meanwhile thanked all those who had supported her in the role.

In a statement published to Twitter she wrote:

"I want to thank council staff, partner organizations and elected members for supporting my work as Leader of the Council since 2018, and previously leader of of the opposition.

"Over the last few weeks my efforts have been focused on the council's response to this unprecedented health crisis.

"Whilst changing Council Leader at this time may seem more naval gazing than stepping up for our community, I remain committed to our residents and helping them through this crisis."