Stories of panic buying have dominated headlines in recent weeks, but a single act by a kind stranger is sure to restore your faith in humanity.

Dave Robertshaw was out running a few errands in Sutton town centre when he decided to pop into Asda on Saturday afternoon.

"At the time I had just popped into the bank up Sutton High Street and I thought I would pick up a few cans of soup while I was there," he told the Sutton Guardian.

"So I called into Asda and the shelves were empty.

"I didn't think I would have any luck with the soup, but it's not all gloom at these times as there they were in all their glory just a few cans left."

But when he got to the counter to pay, the cashier told him he was only allowed a limit of 3 soups to stop the hoarders.

The woman behind him in the queue then jumped at the chance for a little extra food and asked Dave if she could have the extra cans.

A reasonable enough request he agreed.

"So as I was putting my shopping in my bag the woman behind me said 'here you go' and gave me her three cans that she had just purchased," Dave added.

"I offered to pay for them and she said no. She said it was her privilege.

"The woman's friend who was with her said I was wasting my time trying to convince her."

Dave finished by saying it was so nice to see such a kind act in a time when many are just out for themselves.

"A shock I wasn't expecting when at these times all you see is greed in the supermarkets," he said.

"I would just like to thank that lady for what she had done, what a kind gesture.