ALDI stores will close early to give staff more time to stock shelves.

The chain revealed in a Facebook post that it will close shops from 8pm from this Friday onwards.

Stores are normally open until 10pm Monday to Saturday.

It adds that Sunday opening hours remain the same at 10am to 4pm, or 10am to 6pm in Scotland.

Aldi says the "temporary change" will be in place until further notice.

But bosses confirmed that staff will still be able to work the same number of hours per week.

Aldi's statement added: "Thank you for being patient over the last few days while our stores have been busier than usual.

"Our amazing colleagues have been working very hard and we want to give them additional support whilst also allowing for product replenishment...

"This will help our colleagues and stores be at their best everyday."

Aldi isn't the only supermarket to have to shut its doors to the public early to cope with shopper demand.

As of March 17, Tesco closed all 24 hour stores overnight from 10pm to help restock due to coronavirus.

While as of March 18, Asda closed 24-hour stores between 12am and 6am.