When Elliott Hutchins' daughter came home from school and said she didn't want to be a Crystal Palace fan anymore he was heartbroken.

Bullies had mocked her earlier that day for wearing a Palace kit in aid of Sport Relief.

Elliott, a West Yorkshire man, has supported Palace most of his life, just like his Surrey father and just like his 5-year-old daughter Isla.

"I love watching Palace with my kids and my daughter especially loves coming to sit and watch with me," he told the Croydon Guardian.

"Whilst my two lads have shown an interest in teams like Liverpool and Barcelona, Isla has always been Palace through and through.

"So for her to say that she didn't want to support Palace anymore because people are horrible to her when she wears her Palace shirt was heartbreaking."

He took to Twitter to share his story.

But never in a million years did he expect the response he got. Dozens of retweets, hundreds of comments and more than a thousands likes.

Those replies included Palace first team members such as Vicente Guaita, Patrick van Aanholt, Hannah MacKenzie and Annabel Johnson.

"I wasn't going out looking for the attention either," Elliott, a former season ticket holder, added.

"I just wanted to write about how she made me feel and about how heartbreaking it was to hear her say that.

"The reaction from our wonderful Palace family has been incredible.

"We've had so many wonderful, nice messages, of which we're really appreciative."

"I've shown her as many as I could and she's just had a big smile on her face."

But it didn't stop there.

The women's team want Isla to be the mascot at Sheffield away - whenever that happens - and they've invited her down for a match as well and a training session on top of that.

The men's team got in touch and want to invite the father and daughter down for a match with a stadium tour and luxury seats seats to top it off.

"Isla is going to absolutely love that," Elliott added.

"The club have also got in touch as they want to set something up with Patrick van Aanholt. I don't know what they have in mind but it's exciting for sure.

"She says she now still wants to be a Palace fan and she's going to ignore all the people that have been horrible to her and proudly show off her Palace shirt.

"She is five and she's quite shy so this is a big thing for her. I think she's starting to understand that we're a big family and she's part of it. It's lovely to hear."