Panic buying has been the talk of the town in recent days, with shoppers flocking to supermarkets to stock up on everything from pasta to toilet paper.

And it seems like Sutton isn't any different.

John Mill of Evolve Life Coaching College captured a video Thursday morning of dozens of people lined up in Sutton High Street waiting to get into the Savers store just after opening time.

Among the items listed on the Savers website is antibacterial hand gel, which is going for 49p a pop.

After seeing the sight firsthand, Mr Mill said: "The world has gone crazy."

He then urged people to take a deep breath and avoid panic.

"See life as it really is, not worse than it is," he said.

"When you worry about things you don’t have, you put yourself in a place of lack and that is a bad place to be.

"Appreciate what you have, practise gratitude."

The most up to date figures provided by Public Health England show that there have been four confirmed cases of coronavirus in Sutton.