The famous Sutton High Street Crossroads cockerel sign came down at the start of this month, but it won't be gone for long.

The Grade II listed landmark’s history originates in a pub called ‘The Cock’ and owned by Gentleman Jackson (1769-1845).

The Cock pub sported a sign which hung from a timber goal-post straddling Sutton High Street.

By 1914, the original pub had been completely demolished, and the sign was moved a few metres to the junction of the High Street with Carshalton Road (where it is still located now).

By around 1915 the lanterns on the sign had been removed and replaced with a sign post, carrying multiple finger posts identifying local destinations.

The Cock Hotel lettering on the sign was also replaced with an image of a cockerel.

Now in an effort to restore it to its former glory, it has been taken down for restoration works.

Councillor Steve Penneck, Heritage Champion for Sutton Town Centre said: “The works will help to enhance the high street’s rich history and align with our ambitious plans to preserve the landmarks which make Sutton such a special place”.

The restoration will be carried out by Calibre Conservation and the works are match-funded by Historic England as part of the Sutton Town Centre Heritage Action Zone.

It is expected the sign will return again some time in April.