The GoSutton bus has been met with much delight in the borough since the trial was brought in last year.

Now people may have more reason to celebrate as Transport for London have confirmed it is looking to extend the year-long trial.

Michael Hurwitz, TfL’s director of innovation, said: “We’re committed to getting more people walking, cycling or taking public transport.

"Innovative projects such as GoSutton could help get people out of their own vehicles and travelling in a more sustainable way.

"We are looking to extend the trial in Sutton for three months to gain further information to support our research and analysis, which will look at if such a service is sustainable in the longer-term and how we can improve established public transport.”

The existing trial in Sutton was planned to come to an end on May 27.

The fully accessible buses feature USB charging points, free WiFi and operate in a set area, rather than following a route.

GoSutton operates in central Sutton - from St. Helier Hospital in the north to Belmont station in the south, Cheam in the west and Wallington/Beddington in the east.

Councillor Manuel Abellan, chairman of Sutton's Environment & Neighbourhood Committee welcomed any further extension if and when the news were to become official.

"The Council offered to host the trial scheme because we believed that this type of service would work well in our borough.

"We were also pleased when Transport for London then agreed to extend the service to a wider area of Sutton at the Council's request.

"The trial has been a big success with over 40,000 total journeys made since its launch last May. It has been a god-send for many local people with limited mobility, sight impairment and learning disabilities.

"Since last autumn, the council has been lobbying the Mayor to make this a permanent service and extend it across all of Sutton. We have been working hard to achieve that as part of our ambitious plans to improve public transport in our borough."

Information for reporter

• The demand responsive bus services in Sutton and Ealing complement the existing bus network in areas where public transport is currently less viable car dependency is high.

• The trial in Sutton has seen over 70,000 rides to date

• The existing trial in Sutton was planned to come to an end on 27 May 2020

• The 12-month trial in Ealing began 13 November 2019