Kingston Council (RBK) is among the best performing local authorities in England for delivering positive outcomes in adult social care according to new data.

The data was published by consultants IMPOWER and showed RBK in the top 10 per cent of boroughs nationally for outcomes versus value for money in the provision of adult social care.

The IMPOWER index lets councils and health trusts across England compare their performances in this area.

It measures which councils are spending their money most effectively and getting the best outcomes for residents — categories including the length of delays between moving residents from hospital into personalised care are examined in the data.

Announcing their impressive showing in the data on Wednesday (February 26), RBK pointed out that delays for care for patients recently discharged from hospital "have significantly fallen in the last two years, with an 85 per cent reduction since 2016/17," according to a spokesperson.

Stephen Taylor, RBK's Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Health, hailed the results:

"This achievement is a testament of our hard work from our frontline staff to deliver the best of care and support to our most vulnerable members of the community," he said.

"We are pleased to have been recognised nationally, especially in financially challenging times, for the work we are doing to deliver excellent outcomes for our residents.

"In Kingston we are proud of the work we are doing with our partners, working effectively together to meet changes in demands whilst using our limited resources in the best possible way."

RBK spends the largest single chunk of its annual budget on adult social care.

With an ageing population and the percentage of residents needing adult care for conditions like dementia expected to rise in the coming years, this trend looks set to continue.

For the 2020/21 year, RBK estimates it will spend around £53 million on adult social care, equating to 38 per cent of the council's yearly estimated spend over the period.