A Beddington dad has shared his delight at delivering his own daughter, nine days before the due date.

Ray Frost and his partner Abbie Brooker were expecting their baby girl to be born on February 27, surrounded by hospital staff.

But in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Ray awoke to Abbie in pain at their home in Beddington Lane.

"I thought it was just the normal achy pains she'd been having during the pregnancy as we still had nine days to go til due date," he told the Sutton Guardian.

"But when I saw the top of the baby's head showing I thought 'oh my god our baby is coming now'."

Ray rang for an ambulance but he said Abbie was in such pain that all she wanted to do was push.

"After about 15-20 minutes our baby's head popped out and was looking around pulling faces and beginning to cry," Ray added.

"I could see my beautiful baby for the first time. Then Abbie gave a few more big pushes and baby popped out into dad's arms.

"It was the scariest but most amazing experience I've ever been through."

And so their baby girl Isabella Rae Ivy Frost was born at 5.50am on February 18.

"The ambulance service phone operator talked me through the whole thing and were brilliant," Ray finished by saying.

"Abbie was so brave and strong giving birth to our beautiful baby daughter.

"Mum and baby both happy and healthy and dad slightly traumatised.

"The experience has changed my life and we're both excited for the future with our little family."

There is special meaning to their daughter's name as well.

Her middle name, Rae, comes from her grandad, Raymond Frost, of who Ray is named after. He passed away in 2010 to lung cancer aged just 47.

Since then every grandchild born of which Isabella is number five, girl or boy, has Rae as a middle name for a girl or spelt as Ray if it is a boy in his memory.